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At Custom Remodel & Repair we can service almost all of your home improvement or repair needs. Give us a call today!


Adding new siding to your house actually takes years off the look of your home and can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value, so it practically pays for itself.


We are professional local roofing craftsman who are qualified and trained with many years of experience. We are fully insured to protect you, your property and your neighbors.

It is a lot cheaper in most instances to do some general work to your existing home to make it more livable than to buy a new home. No banks to worry about or new mortgages to handle make it easier as well. Custom Remodeling And Repair can help you with those odd jobs that need done to remodel your house into your dream home.

Here are a few of the services we offer:

  • Upgrades to your home can be done by our certified and licensed installation crews to help you turn your home into the dynamic space you dreamed of. Whether you are looking for a Sun Room, New Windows, or whatever the case may be we can draw up a plan for you to consider.
  • Repairs in general are offered for things that may be outside of your personal realm of expertise. Anything that doesn't require a simply tightening with a Philips head (screwdriver) could be offered by our certified and licensed installation crew.
  • Remodeling your home can be made much easier with the help of a general contractor and this is where we can help. You get to sit back and tell us what you want things to look like and we tell you how feasible that is and what the price would be for it.
  • When installing our replacement vinyl windows it is very important to the energy efficiency of your home to also check the insulation in the attic. If you need more insulation for one room or the whole house we can help you and your family start putting things back together.


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